Abiba Abaya

AED 1,600.00

  • Full-length linen abaya.
  • Oversized flow and boxy silhouette.
  • Bat sleeve with a vertical slit running from the shoulder across the length of the arm.
  • This playful linen abaya can be styled in many ways allowing for the joy of different looks. 
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100% Linen Material


Linen fabric is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, hygroscopic, breathable, durable, and antistatic. 

Not only that, but it dries exceptionally fast in comparison to cotton, which tends to hold water for a long time. Linen absorbs moisture and heat from your skin and wicks it away, keeping you nice and cool

Pure linen's long fibres have the highest heat conductivity of any fabric and has the ability to lower skin temperature.

The signature frequency of linen is the highest of all fabrics in regards to benefitting human health.